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Racoon River Bike Trail Depot

Racoon River Bike Trail Depot

Racoon River Bike Trail & Depot

Redfield's Old Train Depot is a renovated turn of the century train depot located right on the Raccoon River Bike Trail. Redfield citizens saved the historic old depot with a community wide rebuilding project.

The Old Train Depot offers bike parking, a rest area, rest rooms, tables, refreshments, and snacks along with a lot of scenery on Redfield's exceptionally scenic section of the Raccoon River. The Depot is open from from 8 am to 10 pm, May 1st to Oct. 31st . Concessions are open on weekends June 1st to Oct. 31.

The Raccoon River Valley Trail is a 56 mile long asphalt surfaced multi-use recreational trail. It highlights some of the history and natural features in the area. Here is a map.

The trail passes through what used to be the town of Ortonville, which was the winter housing site for the Orton Circus. In Adel, a side trip from the trail offers views of the historic French Tudor Court House and the brick streets.

Throughout its route, the trail provides glimpses of Dallas County before settlement in the form of native prairie patches within the corridor. The trail also crosses the North Raccoon River in Adel and travels along the Middle Raccoon River just north of Redfield. There are several interpretive signs placed along the trail to explain natural and historic sites.