Welcome to Redfield

One of the best fishing spots in Dallas County

This 26 acre park is an incredible work of nature. The old mill site and low head dam on the Raccoon River has been used by residents of the surrounding area for nearly 150 years as a thriving business site and recreation area. Here is a map.

In 1850, the first sawmill in the Redfield area was built at this site and ten years later two grist stones were added to the mill. Throughout the mill's operational history, from 1850 to the 1940s, the water powered mill served as a sawmill, flourĀ 
mill, feed mill, ice house and electric plant.

The Redfield Dam Park is a launching point for hundreds of canoeists, hikers, bird watchers, and bicyclists.

The river below Redfield's low head dam has a reputation as one of the best fishing spots in Dallas County.

Park your vehicle in the large parking lot on either side of the river, or bike to it easily as it's located right off the Raccoon River Bike Trail.