Welcome to Redfield

Hanging Rock Park

916 Refield St
Redfield, IA 50233
Open 8 am to 10 pm
May 1st - Oct. 31
and off season as weather allows

Hanging Rock is a unique geological formation within walking distance of downtown Redfield. Years of work by the mighty Middle Raccoon River have left huge rock overhangs and unusual formations, which are enjoyed, by thousands of people each year.

Hanging Rock Park is 440 acres of several miles of hiking and birding trails, with historically preserved rest areas and local gathering spots.Here is a map.

Native Americans must have enjoyed its presence as well; old-timer Redfield citizens talk about finding arrowheads, flint, and a wide variety of evidence of the presence of America's First People. Even today lucky visitors may run across this history.

Although camping is not allowed, a shelter is available for use for $30/day and offers interior outlets, lights and a fireplace. To rent, please contact Dallas County Conservation at (515) 465-3577.

Remember to leave only your footprints behind…what you bring in, you must take out.